Cultures-Sherway Gardens Mall



Cultures Restaurants is a leader in the sandwich and salad quick-service industry in Canada. With over 55 locations across Canada and internationally, we have been serving light and delicious foods to healthy conscious customers for over 30 years. Our food is fast and fresh but we do not sell fast-food. All of our salads and sandwiches are made from scratch throughout the day from our kitchen.



Years In Operation: 3 Years

Lease Term: Till Oct 2025.

Average Annual Sales: $658,000

Annually Net Profit: $120,000

Utility: $700/Month, Water included in Rent

Rent: $18,256 T.M.I included + HST

Food Cost: 30%

Franchise Royalty Fee: 5%+3%

Labors: 15%

Numbers of Employees: 2 Full Time + 5 Part Time

Operation Hours: Monday - Friday 10am-9pm
                            Saturday 9:30am-9pm
                            Sunday 11am-6pm
Space: 335 Sqft (236 + 99)
Parking: Mall Parking