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Amaya Express-Sherway Garden



Sherway Gardens has 215 stores and is the eighth largest mall in the Greater Toronto Area. High traffic and large volume of clients, especially at the weekends. Mall parking is available. Amaya demonstrates that Indian food served in a modern way could still stay true to its roots. It uses high-quality raw ingredients, classic Indian cooking methods and a distinctive interior design, and has friendly people to take care of each guest—features that are more frequently found in the world of fine dining. Well known brand. High sales. Long term lease till 2025. Stable income and cash flow. Easy to lean and operate. No experience required.


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Sales: 852,000/Year
Year in Operation: Sep 22, 2015
Lease Term: Till to Sep 22, 2025
Food Cost: 30%
Rent: $19,257 ( included TMI)
Utility: $1,300/Month
Payroll: $14/Hour
Fully Time Employee: 2
Part Time Employee: 4
Royalty Fee: 4%
Carpark Space: Mall Parking
Space: 424 Sq. Ft

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