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Crepe de licious - Square one in Mississauga



Healthy Eating For People On-The-Go.With its origins in France, the crepe is very recognizable within many countries and cultures worldwide. Crepes are known by different names and can be filled with various ingredients, yet people around the globe have been enjoying this thin pancake and its contents for years in such recipes as: Blintz (Eastern Europe), Dosa (India/South Asia), Tortilla (Mexico), Pfannkuchen (Germany).


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Sales: 550,000/Year

Year in Operation: 2019

Net Profit: $120,000

Lease Term: Till to May 31, 2025

Food Cost: 15%

Rent: $14,000 ( included TMI)

Utility: $1,500/Month

Payroll: $14/Hour

Fully Time Employee: 3

Part Time Employee: 2

Royalty Fee: 9%

Carpark Space: Mall Parking

Space: 850 Sq. Ft

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