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Feta&Olives Devonshire Mall



Devonshire Mall Is A Premier Shopping Centre Making The Largest In The City Boasting Over 200 Locations (Built In Food Court Traffic). Newly Built Food Court. All Time High Volume Of Customers.

Sale Of Feta&Olives + Yogen Fruz. No Loyalty Fee On Yogen Fruz Sales. The Only Greek Restaurant And Frozen Yogurt In The Mall.

Successful & Established Business Proudly Serving The Windsor Community For Over 10 Years! Franchise Nominated For Rbc 2022 Excellence Award. Excellent Opportunity.

Franchisor Covid Support. Full Training & Support Provided.

High Developing Area. New battery plant being built, Multi-Billion-Dollar Mega Hospital, Amazon Building, 4-Billion-Dollar Bridge to be Built. Bringing 3000+ Jobs. New Traffic Connection Expansion. Easier and Faster Access to the City.

Year in Operation: 14 years in the mall
Lease Term: 10 years
Utility: $9664
Rent: 12,805(include storage room)
Wage Expense: $119,403
Food Cost: $149,642
Revenue: $472,964(2020)
Net Profit: $42,370 (2020) $34,258(2021)
Operation Hours: 10-8(weekday) 10-6(sat) 11-5(sun)


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