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Guacamole Grill - Georgian Mall



Like most everyone else the founders fell in love with Mexico, its authentic flavors, unique seasonings and that “ Mexican Fresh Fiesta” vibe you feel with that salty are, ocean breeze and of course the fresh and favorable cuisine. We wish we could bring you the Ocean Breeze and salty air, but since that’s not possible we thought we would do the next best thing, bring you Guacamole Grille, a Fresh Mexican Fiesta.


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Years In Operation:   3 Years

Lease Term:   10 Years

Average Annual Sales:  $330,000

Annually Net Profit:   $78,000

Rent:  $10,500 T.M.I  included + HST

Food Cost:  20%

Franchise Fee: 5%

Wage: $5,000 /Month

Numbers of Employees: 1 Full Time + 3 Part Time

Operation Hours: 

                    Monday - Friday 10:30  am-9 pm

Saturday  9 am-9 pm

Sunday 11 am-7 pm

Space:  400  Sq. ft

Parking:  Mall Parking

* Business Loan available up to 80% for qualified buyer.

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