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Teriyaki Experience - Bayshore Shopping Centre Ottawa



Bayshore Shopping Centre is a major shopping mall located in Ottawa.The mall is one of the busiest in the Region as it attracts about 7 million visitors per year.It is the 2nd largest shopping mall in the national capital region. Teriyaki is Japanese Restaurant with our fully experienced and trained chef, a delicious dish is no longer a difficult problem. You will enjoy couple of minutes standing right by our cook table watching what is going on. Rename fresh, fast and favorite start in Teriyaki.


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Lease Term: Till August 30,2030

Operation: Start August, 2014

Utility: $650/Month

Rent: $16,318/Month

Wage Expense: $4,500/Month

Food Cost: $7,500/Month

Royalty Fee & Advertising Fee: 6% +3%

Net Profit: $100,000/Year

Employee: Full-time:1 Part-time: 4

Space Area: 387 Sq.Ft

Operation Hours:

9 A.M– 9 P.M ( Mon-Sat) 10 A.M-6P.M ( Sun)

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