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[Lease] Unit 8 - 1855 Dundas St E

Exclusive prime location business opportunity
-Located in Dundas, between Hwy #427 and Dixie Rd
-200 convenient parking spots within the plaza
-Large flow of people and stable customer flow
-Perfect for retail, home furnishings, fashion, electronics/computer, fitness, health and beauty/spa, sports and entertainment, medical, professional offices, and service uses. 🏋️‍♂️🩺
-Surrounded by a vibrant retail landscape featuring big names like Metro, Winners, LCBO, Dollarama, Costco, Walmart, Go Station, and more! Indulge in a diverse culinary experience with national chains like Tim Horton’s, A&W, Harvey, and Starbucks!☕
Secure your spot now in the epicenter of commerce and watch your business thrive!

[Lease] Unit 8 - 1855 Dundas St E
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